Quand Bush fait du vélo, il renverse les piétons. Décidément, il est dangereux ce type !

Enfin, on a maintenant plus d’informations sur son emploi du temps : au lieu de se renseigner sur la réalité du réchauffement climatique, il se ballade à vélo ou mange des bretzels...

Bush’s birthday bicycle bingle
July 7, 2005 - 10:32AM

US President George Bush grazed his hands when he collided with a police
officer while he was cycling through the grounds of Gleneagles, the luxury
hotel where world leaders are meeting in Scotland.

Mr Bush, celebrating his 59th birthday, went for a ride shortly after arriving for the summit of the Group of Eight major powers, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

Mr Bush was pedalling along on a road near the Scottish golf resort at what
Mr McClellan called a "pretty good speed" about an hour into his ride when
he collided with the police officer.

The officer, on security duty from a local police department, was on foot.

Mr Bush slid along the road, suffering scrapes on his hands and arms that
were bandaged by Dr Richard Tubb, the President’s personal physician.

"He was wearing a helmet," Mr McClellan said. "The accident occurred on asphalt. His scrapes were mild to moderate."

His mountain bike was damaged and he had to return from the ride in a van,
but his schedule was unaffected. He and first lady Laura Bush dined with
the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

The officer was taken to hospital with a possible ankle injury and later
released after his evaluation revealed no fractures.

Mr McClellan said Mr Bush visited the officer and, after dinner with other
leaders from the G8, phoned him to see how he was doing.

"The President wished the officer well and said he was glad to hear he was
doing OK. The officer was reached on his cellphone while he was on his way
home. The call lasted just a few minutes. They had a very pleasant conversation."

Mr Bush began bicycling seriously a couple of years ago when a knee injury
forced him to give up running. His bike riding tests the endurance of his
Secret Service detail. He typically rides on trails near his Crawford, Texas, ranch and near a Secret Service training facility at Beltsville, Maryland.


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